Friday, November 17, 2006

Where have I been?

This is just an update to let people know that I'm still alive. Obviously, I've been quite busy from having a totally insane birthday party for Adam to taking a trip to California for work. Check out those picture links for now, more detailed posts to follow.

Here are some quick updates to previous posts:
  • Template - After fighting with this darn Blogger template for 2 weeks straight, I think I've finally gotten the better of it. CSS is my friend right? I didn't even know what that acronym meant before I got into this mess (cascading style sheet). My biggest issue was that it was totally screwed up in Internet Exploder. Although I don't personally use IE (see Flock/Firefox below) anymore, the blog still has to be beautiful for it as I except nothing less than perfection. Besides, I am a UI programmer right? What's so hard about making a web page? (I can almost say this now)
  • The Champion - Yes, Adam did manage to plug up the new magic toilet a couple times. Since it is a low flow toilet, the volume of water that gets backed up is not enough to overflow the toilet, so it just sort of dribbles down instead of whooshing. Still better than the old messes that we used to have.
  • Mail2RSS - It finally dawned on me that I could use the good ol' Bloglines email subscriptions to forward my gmail to so I can read it at work (see bottom of left pane if you have bloglines). It is more private and it saves the last 100 so you aren't left in a lurch for any emails that aren't in the last 20.
  • Flock - So after using Flock for a few months, a few of its (lack of) features finally forced me to switch. The things that I really liked about Flock are the Gmail plug-in and the built-in Blogger and Flickr posting. However, it didn't handle owning two blogs well, as a few dreams from geek sleep got posted onto this blog by mistake. The integration of RSS feeds is not really useful as I need to take it from computer to computer and Bloglines works much better for that. The Flickr integration is nice but it is better to just go to Flickr itself. The things about Flock that drove me crazy are the lack of history and the single back button. I'm constantly trying to move a few pages back or to something that I looked up yesterday. So in the end, I switched over to Firefox 2, the backend to Flock. It does have the necessary integration, easy subscribe to Bloglines, tons of history information and built-in spell checking.
I had one more bullet item for an update on the Corvette keys, but I can't remember it right now (even this update post was saved as a draft!).

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Anonymous said...

Oh, the horrors of the IE block model and the way it handles CSS. I remember the bad old days being on the Web Standards mailing list and having the Microsoft developers say they couldn't break their block model to be correct, because of backwards compatability with their other broken products like Front Page. *ack*

and if you've gone to Firefox 2, be sure to check out the Extensions pages and Themes pages for the product for the useful add ons and perhaps a different look.