Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Woo hoo 2nd place in a Chili contest!

In my very first entry into a food contest last November, I was extremely excited to win 2nd place. The first place winner had a heaping full crockpot with large chunks of peppers and meat, where mine was less than half full, and a bit more refined in taste and texture (and of course in my opinion better tasting). I think the smaller amount had a lot to do with my second place finish, as it was completely gone after lunch. So if I ever enter another chili contest, I'll make a huge batch. This contest took place at work with about 9 people entering and everyone voting. The pots were numbered and I was a bit shy about telling anyone which one was mine. The winner was definitely not shy, so another lesson learned. I'm not a person who likes to self-promote and that kind of behavior really turns me off although it is effective in this world. Anyway, it was fun to win something - a $25 Hannaford (grocery store) gift card. Another side note - if I actually made that huge a pot, it probably would have cost me $25 in ingredients!

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Bigqueue said...

Make the huge pot, but just take the rest left over for meals later.

My dad was the big chili cooker in the house. He and I love things "hot"....ditto for my daughter Kimberly. (I never would have thought that.....but it is true)

My dad would make massive batches of Chili and freeze some of it.

I've made chili, but it isn't the first thing I think of making...though I probably should because I do like to eat it!