Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Soccer pictures

With spring soccer almost upon us, I thought I would post this cool picture of Adam on his soccer ball. He only really balanced for a split second and I luckily caught this shot with perfect timing. My first attempt looked like this.

Lastly, here is his official soccer portrait for last season.


Bigqueue said...

His balancing picture sure is a keeper.....I'm surprised you were able to convince him to try a second time.

I guess the first slip did not hurt as much as I might imagine it would. (of course I am imagining it with my fairly old bones)

Bigqueue said...

The weather this weekend is making the outlook for outdoor activities like soccer closer and closer to reality!

Spring is coming. (don't let me say that too loud, because I know at this time of year how quickly old man winter can turn on us and dump on us in a heartbeat!)

No matter....Spring is on it's way!