Thursday, January 04, 2007

Christmas video - definitely not my house!

Last year I was totally blown away by the synchronized Christmas light display of Carson Williams. Check it out here, if you haven't seen it already. This year, I happened upon this video, which is obviously done by a much wealthier person, but somehow not quite as impressive. The video production is also too slick looking. I do love the spotlights (did he buy out his neighbor's house or is all projected from the tree?) especially the snowflakes falling around 2:20 to Josh Groban's Believe from The Polar Express soundtrack.

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Bigqueue said...

Hmmm....we used to do odd things with fire extinguishers back a few years ago at Sun (when we were all younger and less mature ;-)....but I guess we never had one with such "power".

The article mentioned that the extinguisher has these opposing "ports" to keep the forces from "pushing" the person using it....but that sort of implies that the jets would shoot out to the side. (right and left)....or perhaps forward and back at the user.

None of the extinguishers I have used (both for fires and for play) ever had opposing output streams....oh well.