Saturday, January 06, 2007

Happy 3rd Birthday Dova!!

Dova's birthday is actually 9 days before mine, on December 26. Although she got gypped for her party, she somehow always manages to get 2 birthday cakes. The first one was at Grandma Linda's house on her birthday and the second one I made to her wishes (blue clown fish strawberry cake) for her supposed party. She definitely gets cheated on birthday presents having a birthday so close to Christmas, but apparently she also gets cheated for her party as well. Two years ago for her 1st birthday, I planned a party for her birthday on Sunday December 26th, but no one could come on that date. I moved it to January 1st and we got a modest showing. I did start the tradition of playing Christmas carols and making everybody sing. I made her 2 cakes on for birthday as well posted here and here (just looking at those makes me forget how much she's grown!). Last year I planned the party again on Monday, December 26th, and despite a huge rain storm, we got a huge turnout and lots of people were forced to heed my Christmas carol handout called "Sing It!!". It was a great time.

This year, I had originally planned to have her party on Saturday, December 30, but another family event for Doug's uncle got planned on that date. So I sent invitations out for December 31st. We got hardly any replies and for the few kids at her school, one replied no and the rest didn't even get back to us. The only positive replies were from Doug's cousin, the 2 grandma's and a maybe from George. No kids!! Then one by one on the day before, everyone canceled. I still baked the cake, but in sync with ill-fated party, our cat Wysiwyg decided to eat a chunk of the cake overnight. In the end, only George and Terry came, but it was a nice time nonetheless. I didn't have to make any goody bags and didn't even have to clean up the house much. I think next year, we will have the party BEFORE Christmas to see if we will fare better.

The only other problem with having a birthday so close to Dova's is that by the time her birthday is over, I don't even want to bother having one for myself, being all celebrated out. So we both get gypped. Oh well!!

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Bigqueue said...

I know what this is Birthday is on the 19th, which is probably better than any day between Christmas and New Years.

People have their plans set for Christmas and New Years, and December 19th is prime shopping it was tough to get kids to my parties too.

Then, I got some people who gave me combination Birthday and Christmas presents....I felt gyped and always asked my parents to move my birthday to June or July.

But I got used to it after a while, and I forgot all about June birthdays. (My cousin Mellisa's birthday was 2 days after mine, and we at least used to share a between her friends and mine, we were able to get a fair number of kids to show up.)

BTW: Happy Birthday to all of you guys and gals!