Saturday, March 03, 2007

Another stolen credit card number

My secondary credit card number was stolen, and here are my guesses of the source.
  1. Yet another unscrupulous waitress, this time at Pizza Hut in Merrimack, NH - the only time my card was out of my sight. That's also where I took this picture.
  2. Someone who stole my credit card statement - I did not receive the January bill, although the bill doesn't have the credit card expiration date listed. Then again, I seem to be "losing" stuff in the mail which magically reappears months later (darn kids! darn disorganized mail!)
  3. Someone processing the online Registry of Motor Vehicles - this card is rarely used for online purchases and this was the only one in the month previous to the theft.
My guess is the waitress again like my last experience. They are probably selling numbers to a third party as the charges have always been big ticket European items. This time Bank of America did not call me. I had to call them after I received my statement with the bogus charges and also to remove the late charge for not paying the bill I didn't receive. At least I didn't have to move all my automatic payments like last time.


Bigqueue said...

This is your second card theft? Wow, I feel lucky then never having had one yet. (knock on wood)

I have never been contacted by Mastercard about anything, but I have to say that I have been very happy with American Express.

I never used that card much, but now that I am working to rid myself of the Mastercard, I have been using the AMEX as much as possible, and they have called me several times about some odd spending I did do myself. (like the trips to NYC to drop my daughters off)

Oh...I have also found that AMEX is take in most places now....and those few that only take Visa or Mastercard get my Visa Debit card in credit card mode.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you joined the blog party! After reading your site I'll be sure to pay cash from now on at that Pizza Hut!!

Anonymous said...

huh, after reading many posts about identity theft and other crimes I have decided not to use credit cards except for rare cases. By the way, it is hurtfully to live, they die thereon :)

Opra said...

Unfortunately, each of us can face the problem of stolen credit cards. it is awful! But sometimes we can't avoid it:(