Thursday, March 08, 2007

Dova's Princess Lunch

On our second day at Disney World, we had reservations for a Princess character lunch at the Akersham castle in the Epcot Norway pavilion at 11:20am. This was the best time I could reserve two months in advance instead of six months, where apparently all Disney "in-the-know" would do. The character meals at Cinderella's Castle in the Magic Kingdom were already completely booked for every meal while we where there. I reserved an earlier time as opposed to later because Dova rarely eats a good breakfast (of course there was nothing available right at noon). It was well worth it as the food was fantastic, probably much better than at Cinderella's Castle. You would think that 11:20am would be easy to swing being the very first thing we were going to do that day, but not for this family. Adam stubbed his bare toe coming back from breakfast with Grandma and another guest helped carry him and his bloody toe back to our room. We opted to get a double stroller for gimpy Adam and Dova when we got to Epcot and had to sprint to make our appointment. When we arrived, the cast addressed Dova as "princess" and she immediately played the part. We also lucked out that her meal was free because she was only 2 years old, but being so precocious, she completely understood and enjoyed the experience just as any 3-year-old and older princess there. Here are the princesses we met:

  • Ariel - Our first stop was with this picture perfect Ariel. She was amazed that Dova was holding a little Ariel doll. Of course we forked over $31 for the official Disney portrait as well.
  • Sleeping Beauty - While eating, the first princess which stopped by was Sleeping Beauty. I, not being up on my princesses, had to ask who she was. I didn't know the color code yet (Sleeping Beauty = pink, Cinderella = blue, Belle = yellow, etc).
  • Belle - Here's grandma getting in on the princess action too. And Belle is only yellow when she is wearing her ball gown.
  • Jasmine - This beautiful Jasmine gave Dova a nice hug and I think she was genuinely happy to receive one from Dova. Or else, they've really brainwashed these princesses well.

  • Cinderella - She also gave Dova a nice hug. The whole time the princesses were coming by, Adam refused to even look at them covering his head with his napkin (and rolling his eyes underneath I'm sure). This Cinderella was so sharp as she was leaving, she tapped him on the head and said "Bye, Prince Napkinhead". From them on, Adam was dubbed Prince Napkinhead and we still call him that to this day.

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Bigqueue said...

Wow...I guess I never paid attention to all those Disney Princess'. There is even a wiki page describing them:

BTW: I also see several pages for Mr. Napkinhead....but NONE for a Prince.....

There is Asher Napkinhead:

Then several other Napkin Heads well as a Napkin Face:

and a Pillow Head: (who claims to be King of all Napkin Heads) Sounds like a battle might be brewing!!!!