Sunday, March 18, 2007

Day at Epcot

The second full day at Disney World, we toured around Epcot, by far Doug's and my favorite park. Here some are the attractions we took:
  • Viking ride in Norway - Right after our princess lunch we hopped onto the Norway ride which had no line! Adam got spooked again because it was too dark and a bit scary. Dova also told me "Mom, that was too scary." She hammed it up for the troll afterwards though.
  • Test Track - Adam had been all gung ho about this ride but once we stood outside watching the cars whiz by, he changed his mind and refused to go. I still got the four Fast Pass tickets to come back later. Grandma and I went when the time came, loved it, and I called Doug to come over and take Adam. The both loved it of course. While Adam was on the ride, I took Dova back over to the outside Nemo display. She was so cute another lady asked permission to take pictures of her as well.
  • Spaceship Earth - It was a bit dark, but I heard Grandma talk Adam through it and he was pretty much OK with it.
  • Nemo and the Living Seas - There was absolutely no line and we hopped right on board. Adam was still scared when Bruce the Shark showed up. I think all these rides are too larger than life for Adam and it is too much sensory overload. The line for Turtle Talk was too long so we skipped it, although everyone who went raved about it. He loved posing inside Bruce though!
At this point the kids were getting tiered so we headed back. Unfortunately I missed my favorite Figment (of Imagination) ride, and never made it back. At the hotel I insisted that everyone lie down "for a few minutes". At 6pm when Adam woke up he was really angry and disappointed that he lost the afternoon and missed playing in the pool. We headed back to Epcot and ate at Morocco for dinner and had excellent veggie dish, meatballs and tabouli wrap. Grandma bought a camel skin lamp while we were there. We watched the fireworks / laser show from the Japan pavilion. The exodus out of the park definitely felt like being herded and we had to wait three buses before getting on. Thankfully, we got to sit down as both Dova and Adam slept on the way back. Adam was so tired that we had to push him in the stroller and carry Dova back to the room. Another exhausting day at Disney!


Mom Tu-Tu said...

Wish I was at Epcot! We took our kids last May and had a great time. Just stopped by your blog for the first time.

Carey said...

She doesn't look to happy to be standing there. Sounds like a great place.