Saturday, April 14, 2007

Bigger isn't better for the Wii

Here is our newest 27" TV which we bought in 1998 when we finally sprang for cable and realized that the old TV wasn't even cable ready. I finally broke 200 and beat Adam in bowling, but Dova had insisted that I play as Ariel (The Little Mermaid), so this score doesn't count for me!

When I got the Wii, I was afraid that I would also get the new TV bug. The snowball effect happened after I got new counters for the kitchen. The 25 year old stove had to go and we needed a bigger fridge with the kids, and then we finally replaced the 25 year old vinyl floor. When we started playing two player tennis and boxing on the Wii, the vertical split screen was just barely wide enough to see both sides. When the screen is split horizontally, a widescreen format would make it look worse, but a bigger screen in general would be nice. I brought the Wii over to a friend's house with a 50" HD widescreen flatscreen TV. Of course, it looked beautiful, but then I found out that the games became too hard to play!!

When we tried playing Rayman Raving Rabbits, I couldn't do the disco dancing at all, where I usually ace it at home. I tried turning up the sound which helps at home, but I could only score about 150 of the 750 points to win. And when we finally got to shoot the rabbits, we just barely scraped by with one life to spare. Seeing all those rabbits coming at you from all ends of the huge screen is too hard to handle! After bringing the Wii home, I easily won the exact same disco game with 1000 points. So luckily for me, playing the Wii on my regular 27" CRT is actually easier, so no new TV for me!

We finished Rayman just yesterday and loved it!! Total silliness.

Today we finished the Gamecube game Simpsons Hit and Run. Nothing like crashing cars in Springfield for some fun laughs.

I'm glad that there are finally some used Wii games to buy now, as forking over $50 each for Rayman and Warioware was totally insane!

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Bigqueue said...

Thanks for the Wii fun this afternoon. My little Wii playing experience now has me saying "now I get it!"

What a FUN toy! That controller interface really cranks video gaming up two or three notches!

I knew it would be better....but never to the magnitude that it was.

I hope I have Wii dreams tonight......I know that sounds silly.....