Saturday, April 21, 2007

Things to bring and do next time at Disney

OK, this is the last you'll hear of our trip to Disney! I've been slow in getting all these drafts done...

We only stayed for three full days which was a good amount of time especially for Dova being only 2. Let's just say we knew she had enough when she had a full blown meltdown (kicking and screaming on the floor) in front of security at Orlando Int'l Airport. Here are some of the things we should bring and do for next time:
  • The weather was great in early December, but it was a bit cool in the mornings, evenings and for the pool, so next time we will come back in early November for Adam's birthday.
  • A Sharpie for marking water bottles. In the Coca-cola monopolized environment, nothing but a Sharpie can write on those completely plastic blue Dasani bottles. Luckily in my trade shows, I picked up some cute Sharpies Minis just for this purpose!
  • Meal Plan - We didn't opt for the meal plan on this trip because the kids were still little and don't always eat full meals. Dova still barely ate any breakfast, but Adam was all gungho with the Mickey Waffles for breakfast. They alternated chicken fingers and pizza for all the rest of the meals, saving a few leftovers here and there. In the end, I still think it would've been cheaper with the meal plan because they really rip you off a la carte.

  • More Fiber - We brought Fiber Choice for the kids to have every day and even with the occasional carrot sticks and grapes for Dova (Adam had none whatsoever), she failed to make a number 2 until the night before we left. That was 4 days from her last one! There is a lack of high fiber foods at Disney World that the kids will actually eat. BTW, who would think Amazon would sell it?

  • More sweatshirts - We packed one each for Adam and Dova, but we really needed them almost every day in the mornings and evenings. After the first spill of chocolate milk on them, they are stained for the rest of the trip.

  • Screwdriver (or swiss army knife in checked in luggage of course) for opening packages. We got Adam a remote control Corvette, but he could only look at it screwed into the package.

  • Hotels off the Epcot International Gateway. Instead of waiting for several busloads of people with extremely tired kids, I watched in envy as people simply walked out of Epcot into their hotels. I don't know how far these accomodations actually are, but I will definitely check them out for next time.

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