Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Victim of Daylight Saving Time

Since I previously posted on DST, this article describes a victim of this change: Time stands still for Hempfield teen in lockup - Tribune-Review. Poor kid called at the wrong time and the school failed to update their clocks until Monday, so he got bagged for someone else's bomb threat. Granted, it was an iffy move to call at 3am out of boredom, but 12 days in juvenile detention? No way I would call that not overstepping his rights. No wonder he is now home schooled.


Anonymous said...

That is so sad. This is a reminder that things affecting the whole country should be taken seriously. Places that didn't update their clocks will surely have conflicts, especially with schedules

Anonymous said...

This should be a lesson for everyone who deosn't update their clocks with the daylight savings time. I am sure that nobody wanted this to happen just because of the daylight savings time. Having different time readings will certainly cause conflicts on time schedules.