Tuesday, May 15, 2007

True Friend Test

It took some time think up some good questions and I had a blast creating trick answers. Here are the answers below. I think the moral here is that you can't use the blog for the answers!
Update 5/9/20 - This site is no longer available, but the post is still fun!

Who knows Angela answers

  1. What state was I born in? North Dakota, my parents were graduate students at the University of North Dakota.
  2. How many brothers and sisters do I have? 0, one and only.
  3. How many cats do I have? 2, Ebony and her daughter Wysiwyg.
  4. What is my favorite sport to watch? Tennis, followed by baseball, basketball and hockey. This is trick question in that I like to play ice hockey the most.
  5. Who is my favorite composer? Chopin
  6. What is my favorite instrument? Cello. I play the piano, but I love the cello and once rented one and took lessons in 1995. I love its beautiful, soothing sound and being able to wrap yourself around the instrument.
  7. How old was I when I graduated from high school? 16
  8. Which state have I lived the longest? Massachusetts (currently almost 14 years, plus 4 years in college), followed by New York (11 years in school and 1 year prior to that), Connecticut (4 years) and a tie between California and Minnesota (2 years each).
  9. What is my favorite movie? Diva. This is definitely a tough question because all these movies have been my favorite at one point in my life. Close Encounters when I was 10, Grease when I was 11, West Side Story in high school, and Diva in college. I did blog about Grease recently because I did a scan of my DVDs for the question and it popped out. I love Diva for it's beautiful operatic singing, the huge jigsaw puzzle of an ocean wave, the cute guy, the cool girl on the roller skates, and the whole artsy fartsy Frenchness about it.
  10. What gadget do I desire the most? DSLR camera. Yes, I've blogged about the iPhone a few times, but I'm not really about to buy one. The one thing that I love to do is take pictures of the kids, and I'd like to get a real camera someday so that I can take sparkling crisp beautiful shots of them. I almost got the Canon Digital Rebel XT when I bought the Canon S2 IS (which I love dearly), but decided against it because I really liked the video capabilities of the S2 IS. Congrats to George and Noorul for getting this one!


Anonymous said...

So the real question is, which edition of the Diva DVD do you have?

Angela said...

Alas, I don't have a copy yet and that's why I forgot about it when I answered the other post. But I do have the definitive edition on my wishlist at half.com and amazon.com. That would be this one: Diva

Yikes, it looks like it is out of print, so I'll have to pick one up soon!

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, go for the Anchor Bay edition, if you have to. The original edition DVD, which I left back in Mass, was horrific. This one is far from perfect technically, but at least it is watchable.

Still waiting for Criterion or someone to come back and give this a third try, because it truly deserves better technical work than what has been given to it so far.