Monday, June 04, 2007

Happy 3rd Blogiversary

Whew, I need a break! For some reason, I set up a goal of post a day for the month of May and extended it right up to my blogiversary/blogoversary, whatever the official name is. It was a blast cranking out posts and cleaning up lots of old drafts (I still average 10-15 drafts), but blogging is definitely an addiction, and this experience only added fuel to the fire.
A lot has happened in the past year, especially in the past month. I've joined lots of memes, listings, and managed to even to become A-list blogger (albeit temporarily simply due to the number of blogrolls I've joined). I've also taken real cash in sponsorships, which is a help for our single income family. Now, that I've obtained my goal plus more, I need to step back and actually catch up on some real life activities such as:
  1. Wife - Doug has definitely become a blogging widow.
  2. House - Let's just say that it needs a bit more cleaning and decluttering.
  3. Knitting - Too many projects. Just finished knitting a square for Rebuilding Greensburg, and need to get back to making mini-mittens. Dova is also expecting me to knit a purple stegosaurus with this pattern.
  4. Cross-stitch - Adam's was done when he was 18 months old, but Dova's is hopelessly behind. Maybe when she is 4?
  5. Pictures - I haven't printed any photos since last summer, including a book I was planning to put together for our Disney trip. Plus, I've got to learn to use my new DSLR camera!
So back to the regular blogging schedule!

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Bigqueue said...

I have to say that your blogging activities of late have been inspirational! Nice tempo of posts....nice content......nice variation of focus/topic.

I suppose it might make sense to go back to a more normal life though.