Sunday, June 03, 2007

Rejected Wii Play games

This is a bit politically incorrect, but hilarious nonetheless. Originally found on Engadget, referencing LoadingReadyRun. After I bought the Wii, I had a hard time finding extra remotes so when I saw that the Wii Play game was bundled together with a remote, I pre-ordered three copies and patiently waited a month to receive them. I sold off the two extra copies piecemeal on eBay and ended up making enough money to cover my own copy. I had originally pre-ordered 10 copies, but stress of having this extra inventory which I had to sell at a profit was too much for me (I'm a SW engineer, not an eBay entrepreneur!). The Wii Play games are pretty lame, but Adam and I still love to face off on the cow-riding scarecrow-crashing game called Charge!.

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