Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Nasty Walmart Flip-Flops

Today I read this disturbing article on Boing Boing about how these Walmart flip-flops caused chemical burns (complete with images) and was even more appalled when I read the source link (with even more disturbing images). Even more atrocious is how Walmart is treating the whole situation, putting it way ahead of in terms of evil empire.  

And yet, here are the flip flops still on sale at Walmart today! I didn't even want to prop the yellow ones up for the picture, but I did turn the tags around to show they are the same ones. So far my hands and iPhone are fine! Lets just hope the $5 fake Crocs I got for Dova and me didn't come from the same Chinese company.

Update 12/13/20 - no sign of those cited links as Walmart put the kabash on this news!


Anonymous said...

not standing up for wal- mart but the sandels the woman had on looked as if she had had them on awhile as the print on the instep of the shoe was worn off. perhaps something was spilt on the foot to cause a reaction of that nature?

Anonymous said...

This is clearly from the flip flop, come on people. With all the problems in China how come this cant be believed. She was severely injured and if it was me I would own walmart! God know what this could do in the future. i wish her all the best of luck!

Anonymous said...

I know this is true. This is currently happening to my mother. We thought that she had some sort of rash (poison ivy) or something from working outside in the flip-flops. She's been wearing these most of the summer (different colors) until about a month ago (she wore a different colored pair) when the same rash as on the woman's website happened to my mother. Coincidence? I don't think so. When you google walmart flip flops and you find many cases the exact same. Can't hardly think anything but, it's gotta be the flip flops.

Tes283 said...

WAlmart should pull them. It will cost more in bad PR to keep them on the shelf. they can spin on how they care by taking them off the shelves.
One more problem at the BIG corp.