Thursday, July 05, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #8 - Happy 100!!

Thursday Thirteen celebrates 100 weeks of Thursday Thirteens! I forgot to compile my list of favorite TT's earlier, so I'm scrambling to get it done before Thursday is done! Since I'm relatively new, I'll take this opportunity to pimp my own Thursday Thirteens as well.
  1. Thursday Thirteen #1 - Things that happened on my birthday - Compiled using wikipedia and Holidays for Everyday
  2. Thursday Thirteen #2 - Cool NPR stories - Podcasts that I have heard and saved because they are inspiring, funny and interesting.
  3. Thursday Thirteen #3 - Favorite Podsafe Music - This was actually harder to compile than I thought because I wanted 13 different artists
  4. Thursday Thirteen #4 - Quiz mania - I just love internet quizzes and have another draft of quizzes lined up (perhaps coming out next week!)
  5. Thursday Thirteen #5: Organ Donation - This took quite a while to compose and it felt like researching a paper for school, but in the end it was worth it and received great responses.
  6. Thursday Thirteen #6 - Kindergarten Math - May be tough even for some adults, but not my boy!
  7. Thursday Thirteen #7 - Cool things I saw in Las Vegas - Viva Las Vegas! Can I go back tomorrow please?
  8. Mo's Blue Moon - Cool info right on the day of the blue moon
  9. Mo's Summer Solstice - Another celestial occurance that happened right on that day!
  10. Another Mo's Women Role Models - An excellent compilations with pictures.
  11. Haley-O's Marry, One Night Stand, or Throw off a Cliff - I didn't play, but it was fun to imagine.
  12. Expatriate's Chef's Mom Tricks - OK, I had to search for this one, and it is a funny list!
  13. OK, the last one is one that I remember commenting on, but couldn't for the life off me find through Google, all about empowered women characters that kick ass.
07/23/07 Update - Apparently my Googling abilities have improved as I finally found that last elusive post: Thirteen Kick-Ass Chicks in the Flicks (or on TV). I love this post because of the subject of course, but also for all the pictures of each character.

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