Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Review of Blog Directories - Part 2

In the age of web 2.0, the best blog directory sites are ones that create community, where you can befriend bloggers and communicate with them directly. The older directory listing sites don't work as well. Here are two of these sites where I have gotten no referrals from (or that I've ever seen).

Blogarama - The Blog Directory Blogarama
The Good: This directory has been around forever. Easy to change your blog URL.

The Bad: It told me that I've been visited 57 times since I joined probably a year ago. Not sure whether these are out clicks or referrals to their site. Still the number is way to small to keep this extra chicklet during my housekeeping.

The Verdict: See ya!
Blogs By Women
The Good: Run by women who approve blogs by hand to keep out the riff raff and the men. Easy to change your blog URL.

The Bad: No referrals. Their blog is a bit too serious for me. Not that I don't care about serious issues, I'm just not that serious a person.

The Verdict: I definitely want to promote women's sites, so I will keep it.

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Curious Cat said...

I think is another good directory that is largely open to blogs.

I also recently added the Curious Cat Blog Directory, which attempts to provide links to some great blogs, to the Curious Cat Web directory. It is very selective.