Thursday, September 13, 2007

Adam's First Day of First Grade

Adam is so proud to be going to first grade finally!! This shot next to our wedding tree is from the second set of pictures because Doug didn't like the typical shot at the door. I was sad at his Kindergarten graduation and even more so on this day as we sent him off on the bus to a new school. It was the first time he was going to a classroom which we have never seen, with a teacher we have never met, with totally new classmates. I know he is well prepared in his math, reading and social abilities, but I was still scared thinking of the unknowns, despite many phone calls with the school and bus company the week before. The day before school started (a week late due to budget issues and town votes) the class lists were finally posted and I biked over at lunch to find his teacher's name. I was happy to see that his class size was 21 kids, despite all the dire news of budget cuts. The morning of his first day was pretty hectic, making his lunch, taking pictures, quizzing him on his bus number and his teacher's name (which turns out I was pronouncing wrong), reminding him to go to the bathroom while he was there and getting him down to the bus stop at the end of the street with Dova in tow. I knew the bus would be really late the first day, so I drove off to work after many hugs and let Dad send him off. Apparently I was a total wreck as I arrived at work without my laptop, which was neatly packed inside our front door. He came home happy without much to report. I asked the name of some of his new friends. He couldn't remember (finally by the 3rd day, he came up with 2 names - typical male). I asked him what his favorite part of the day was. Recess of course. This is what he worked on his first day (teacher name removed):

He didn't complete the school bus drawing because of the incredible amount of detail he put into these drawings:
  • His teachers eyes are mixed green and brown so he colored it that way
  • The children have red tongues and mouths
  • The children have white teeth as well as white in their eyes - no over-coloring
  • The children all have different color hair
  • The taillight on the school bus is red, whereas the mirror is blue
  • Even the dogs have red tongues and a red nose
  • The brown dog has a blue collar with a yellow tag
Attention to detail, that's my boy! After one week, we still are getting used to the new routine. He is usually raring to go and wants to walk down by himself (it is a 5 minute walk from our house) and Dova is trailing somewhere behind him (kids on the loose!). I drive down after them in my car, picking Dova up halfway down the street (thankfully a dead end), and then wait at the end of the street for Doug to drive down in his car. We'll have to improve our carbon footprint on that one! I have yet to stay late enough to see the bus although their schedule should be getting closer to normal without all those darn parents taking photos of their kids on the bus (I'll be doing that next week so I have extra time!). Doug is still getting used to the the pickup at the end of the day, where he sometimes needs to run or bike down to meet him as they won't allow the kids to walk home by themselves. I'm very thankful that Doug is there for the bus pickup and drop-off!! On less thing to worry about.

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Anonymous said...

Mine started first grade too - I was more scared than he was. But after 2 days - he said he was used to it already!

Great coloring job for a first grader!