Wednesday, September 12, 2007

TT #17 - Cool gadgets that I will (probably) never buy

I'm totally hooked on the RSS feeds of Engadget and Popgadget among others, and often clip items or send them to my friends (kinda like clipping newspaper articles but without the scissors or newsprint). Here are some of the cool things that I've come across:

  1. Drivemocion signs - I love the idea of being able to flash these signs while you're driving. They could really use "Sorry" as well, although I doubt any male drivers would use that.

  2. Virtusphere - Boing Boing calls it a giant hamster ball for humans. I think it would be great to run around in at the gym or even do cartwheels in.

  3. Seitz 6x17 Digital camera - This camera is ridiculously large! Check out this photo taken at 160 MPX.

  4. Persian Puzzle Rug - Adam and I both love jigsaw puzzles, but I would be afraid these pieces would always be exploded everywhere, just like his Lego's.

  5. Virtual Piano - Even more portable than the roll-up kind. I just found this video of the virtual piano and the keys are way too small to actually play. This video of the roll-up piano by a kid named Adam is much cooler!

  6. Fiber Optic Tablecloth - Mesmerizing!! Helps if you have a dining room that looks like that too.

  7. Fish 'n Flush Toilet - I've already bought my fancy toilet, but this is completely impractical yet cool.

  8. Oral-B Triumph with SmartGuide - "This dental duo promises to be the iPhone of the toothbrush world" according to Popgadget. After my own toothbrush debacle, I'm not about to take that plunge.

  9. Brush and Rinse Toothbrush - Finally something in my price range that would be cool to use, but can you imagine the messes my kids would make if they got a hold of it?

  10. Color-altering heat-sensing faucets - I've always liked lighted faucets, but a heat-sensing one? Too cool.

  11. Cool bathrooms at NY's Bar 59 - Last bathroom item, I promise. These doors on these stalls go opaque when you need to use them.

  12. Transparent toaster - On to the kitchen. I love the idea of being able to see exactly how toasted your bread is! But then I got practical and came up with a boatload of questions like: Is the outside of that glass hot enough to burn yourself? How exactly do you fish your toast out? After your first toast, would you have to clean it all the time? And, um, I usually need two pieces please. This device is still in concept phase and really needs to address MY issues!

  13. One click butter cutter - A kitchen gadget that I can actually use! I may just buy one to reward myself for a Thursday Thirteen post well done.


Anonymous said...

I love those sites! Popgadget is one of my favorites! Have you seen the laser keyboard yet? That definitely puts an end to the clickity clack of the keyboard!! Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I'd bring that gigantic camera on a safari trip. Three things might result from it:

1) I get amazing pictures to bring home.
2) While I was taking pics, I was stalked by a lion. I used the camera as a weapon, killing the said lion when I flung it. I get to bring the lion's head to hang back home. And frame the ridiculously large camera that saved my life.
3) I need chiropractor once I'm home.

I love this lists of gadgets, some even made me laugh!

Unknown said...

It must have taken forever to find all these pictures. Happy TT!

Deb said...

Those are all pretty interesting, but I love the butter cutter - I'll have to check that one out, it's actually very useful-looking! :)

Anonymous said...

LOL those are good. I'm a total gadget person and have lots...but they are all the sorts that are actually useful, and used on a regular basis.

Denise Patrick said...

Great stuff. I may just have to go find the butter gadget. I love gadgets, especially if they are practical.

Happy TT!

Melina said...

Those are some cool gadgets, great TT

My TT is up too

SpaceyMom said...

I about died when I saw the toilet.. Hilarious!

Anonymous said...

The transparent toaster looks interesting; more ornamental than practical.

Anonymous said...

some really amazing photos -
and the new digi-cam :)

Anonymous said...

I want that toaster.