Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The iPod classic vs. iPod touch

When I first got the iPhone, I was afraid that it would quickly obsolete my truly classic iPod Photo 30G. But I found that I use my iPod just as much as I always had. Here are some areas where it truly shines over the iPhone:
  1. 30G is enough to store my entire music library plus audio podcasts. Since my iPod does not have video capabilities, the 30G size is perfect for my entire audio collection (currently at 24GB). For the new audio and video iPod classics, 80GB and 160GB should be more than enough space. There's something to be said about having your entire music library at your fingertips, as opposed to selected playlists. The iPod touch at 8GB and 16GB will not be able to accomplish this.
  2. Clickwheel - the clickwheel may seem outdated compared to the smooth touchscreen of the iPod touch, but it is indispensable when it comes to exercising. I can stick the iPod into the back pocket of my bike shirt and adjust the volume or fast forward as I'm riding by touching it through the fabric. Having a physical interface for the clickwheel allows you to operate it without looking as opposed to viewing the screen and sliding your finger in just the right spot.
  3. A bit more rugged - I'm not afraid to lend my iPod to the kids, where I always hold my iPhone if we are watching a video together. After all, dropping the iPod makes it work if it gets sad.
  4. FM transmitter - Currently there is no FM transmitter for the iPhone, which makes it useless for me in the car. I assume it is because of GSM noise interference (can't get these devices too close in the car lest I get buzzed right out of my seat). The iPod touch should not have this problem because it won't have the phone interference.
  5. Battery life - If I used the iPhone as much as I use the iPod, I doubt the battery would last more than a day at a time, especially while traveling when it is critical. So far my battery lasts 2-3 days if I'm lucky. Having too many capabilities in one device does have its drawbacks. Of course the iPod touch used solely as an iPod (and now web browser over wi-fi) should be fine in this regard.
At this point, I have a clear separation of duties for my iPod and iPhone. The iPod has become strictly audio, as the photos on the tiny screen don't even compared to the iPhone. All my video podcasts reside on the iPhone, so I do use its iPod features, just not for audio. Of course I keep a small audio playlist for just for demos of the album art. I know that the people who have been drooling over the iPhone but did not get one because of cell phone contracts or sheer price, will be jumping all over the iPod touch because of the interface. It will definitely have a beautiful screen with better videos and photos than the classic, as well as wi-fi internet (which without Edge, it not quite the same). But they really ought to consider the clickwheel and storage size. Perhaps the iPod classic will only be for purists. It would be a shame to see the iPod classic sales cannibalized by the glitz of the iPod touch. Of course I say this only because I succumbed to the iPhone hype and have to suck up my $200 penalty fee for being an early adopter within the first 2 months. Ah well, tough to be so cool, right? cool


Sparky Duck said...

Amazingly, since I adore my Ipod, I am not jonesing for an Iphone. I think it maybe because I am not a phone geek, I hardly use the cell phone and I just want the new verizon phone that gets the ESPN stuff and thats not even that new.

now a video Ipod, yep I want that.

Anonymous said...

I'm usually pretty tech savvy but I'm not convinced that the iPhone is worth it. The thought of that annoying touchy pad for a phone is enough to turn me off. It'd take all day to dial a number.