Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #21 - Contests and New Blogs

Here's the latest scoop on contests and a few new blog announcements!
  1. First and foremost, check out my very first contest for HP Photo Books. I have six to giveaway, so chances are good for picking up one!

  2. I failed to get many votes for the FuelMyBlog MyBowlAd contest, but then MyBowlAd completely backed out of the trip to Hollywood and hate clubs started forming. FuelMyBlog also issued an apology even though they were not at fault.

  3. Speaking of FuelMyBlog, I've been entering their captioning contests and actually won for this picture with the caption "Hello? We said a paisley tie-dyed theme, not solids. But since you came with your peace sign pendant I suppose you're still in." Unfortunately, the something random from Kevin Dixie's cupboard escaped from the envelope on the trip across the Atlantic.

  4. And for this picture, I got second place with the caption "'I didn't know it was a vibrating microscope!' exclaimed Dr. Bluebottle." A blue Nalgene bottle just happened to be sitting on my desk when I wrote that one.

  5. IMG_2066 I won this cute dog from Mommy Community's Scavenger Hunt for this post. Adam is modeling it next to a pumpkin that he carved completely by himself. Since I was the only legitimate entry, it was a shoe-in. Just goes to show you that you should always enter because you never know.

  6. I won the Blogrush contest at Contest Blogger, getting a month-long link on their homepage. So far so good on Blogrush as I can see some traffic coming from them.

  7. I got the wildcard prize for a $25 Amazon gift certificate at Super Fundraiser's Back to School writing contest for Inside the PTO Secret Society. I'm not sure why a people would vote for a post with typos for a writing contest, but I guess that's not for me to say! At least I got a few other votes besides my own.

  8. I didn't win the V-moda Headphones, but I was secretly hoping that I wouldn't since they since came out with a newer version with an iPhone clicker control.

  9. Here the results of the Where the heck is my contest? poll:

    What should I do with my $100 Apple Store Credit (see map)
    Run a blog contest for an iPod Shuffle:
    Use it to repair my current iPod (if they allow it!):
    Put is towards a new iPod Classic ($249):
    Buy myself the Vmoda earphones if I don't win the contest (this is really not a choice because I will win!):
    Save it for the next generation iPod:
    Just save it as it doesn't expire:

    I've been squeaking by on my old iPod in the car and using the iPhone more and more outside of the car so no iPod Classic is needed. Besides, the iPod Classics have been getting bad reviews and poor sales. So even though the results of my poll say otherwise, I will hopefully pick up a pair of those new V-moda headphones before my next business trip to California next week. I'm attending another leadership training session with experiential techniques, yippee! If you missed those posts, check out beautiful Rancho Capistrano, Peanut Butter River and Gone Fishing.

  10. I also didn't win the Nintendo DS Lite from Bob Meets World back in June, but grandma graciously bought one for Adam's birthday. Now I'll have to snag one for myself so I can race Mario Kart with him.

  11. So with all this contest mania cluttering up my blog, I decided to give it a life of its own in a brand new blog, contest bytes. I even entered three different iPod Nano contests in one day. Check it out!

  12. Speaking of new blogs, I also gave my iPhone its own blog as well at iPhone bytes and have been secretly posting to it for months.

  13. And let's not forget about my neglected group dream blog, geek sleep. I have a few drafts waiting for me there as well. So many blogs, so little time! lol


Anonymous said...

cool contests! i'm glad you won some of them. better luck next time on the others.

happy thursday!

Joyismygoal said...

wow happy hunting to all of us

Deb said...

Great contests - congrats on your wins! :)