Monday, November 05, 2007

At the "River and Trees" Leadership Training

Dilbert river and trees 

I survived day one of "Team Leadership: Meeting the Challenge," held in Rancho Capistrano. This Dilbert cartoon was shown in the beginning of the course before we did any of our experiential activities. Our last challenge of the day was "Laser Slot". We had seven people on each side of these ropes and had to pass four people from one side to the other without touching the ropes or passing through the vertical planes above and below the ropes. We had to estimate the number of failures or "tilts" we would have, where we would have to start over from the first person. If we went over the number of tilts we would get penalized. We did go over our estimated five tilts and ended up having to pass ten people across without tilting. Here's my turn at it...  

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Bigqueue said...

My initial thought was "gee, I hate those management training classes...better her than me!".

But then I realized you were probably in nice warm sunny Southern California, and I was her ein cold, wet Massachusetts!

What was I wishing for!??!!

Give me some of those ropes courses!!!!