Monday, November 26, 2007

Wasabi and Rollercoasters

Ack! Just a quick post for NaBloPoMo since I really need to pack for my trip to Toronto tomorrow...

If you love sushi and rollercoasters as I do, you'll totally understand this correlation. You know the feeling when you've put too much wasabi on sushi and all of a sudden it goes up your nose and it burns unbearably and you start crying and waving your hands at your face, but then in a few moments it goes away? Afterwards you say, "Wow, that was great, let's do it again!" You get the exact same feeling when you ride a rollercoaster. During the ride, it is totally frightful and you wish you never stepped into it and you just hang on for dear life and hope it is over soon. As soon as you jump off, especially if it jolts to a stop without slowing down for a few seconds, you say "Wow, that was great, let's do it again!" Maybe I'm just a glutton for punishment and a cheap thrill!


Bigqueue said...

Very cool connection....although I have limitted Roller Coaster experience, I see what you mean exactly.

Well, to a see, I could never go on a roller coaster with my eyes closed because one of the things I do to "cope" is to "think my way around" the track.

That is, I look forward at the next "turn" and tell myself "This is what this will feel like" that when I get there, and the feeling happens, I am not surprised.....the Wasabi brain "jolt" that you describe is always a surprise....not unexpected, but always a surprise because for me it is normally an unexpected "over-dose" of Wasabi.

Julie Pippert said...

I was 100% with you on the wasabi experience but you lost me at rollercoasters. I'd say they hurt my neck (which is true) but that just sounds like lame excuse whining. LOL


Using My Words

Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE Sushi W/Wasabi and coasters! WHOOT!


Melissa said...

One of the first times I met my in-laws was at a sushi joint. I had taken some wasabi to mix into the soy sauce dish and still had a lot left on the chopstick. I started really talking and using my hands/chopstick to make a point. And then, without thinking, I stuck the tip in my mouth to clean off the end.

But I still think that no sushi experience is complete without the wasabi burn.

Have fun in Toronto and stay warm.