Friday, January 25, 2008

Photo Friday - Pictures From the Kids

Adam and Dova have their own digital camera, thanks to Quentin, and they absolutely love taking photos, just like their mom. I've posted some of Adam's and Dova's pictures before, but Crazy Hip Blog Mamas has given me an excuse to post more! Check out the other participants here. By Adam, age 6: 

This was taken with my new camera the day I got it. 

Adam took his camera to school one day (without letting us know!) and took this shot of a rock they were learning about in kindergarten. 

There is a sports mosaic mode on their camera where a rapid succession of 16 photos is taken. We often have a fun time trying to come up with good action shots. 

By Dova, age 3:  

This silly photograph of dad taking his blood pressure was actually published in this article from NowPublic about health insurance and blood pressure. I've only had one photo published myself (the clock at REI) so that is quite an accomplishment for this budding photographer. If you want more, I've tagged all of the kids' pictures in Flickr byAdam and byDova in my obsessively organized way. Warning, some are pretty random!


Ms Eva said...

Fortunately, Adam managed to bring the camera home as well! He got some great shots. I love the one with the flowers and the rock. :D

Heather said...

That's great that your daughter's photo was published! Way better than anything I've gotten published!

(Here from CHBM)

Reed said...

wow! very artisitc! way better than my kids' nostril shots.

Julie Pippert said...

Wow, good eyes. Neat photos.

Bigqueue said...

Angela.....I'm glad to hear that the camera is till alive and kicking.

I am thinking of getting a new one for a cruise that the girls and I are going to be taking...and that will mean I will have THREE cameras...way too many for a guy with only two hands.

So if that one give up the ghost, I might have another one available soon.