Monday, February 04, 2008

Stay away from the sick kid!

Silly USB facemask from Gadget Crunch. Do you think it would help?

Stay away from the sick kid being me, that is. I have yet to fully recover from last December's bout of pneumonia. I've gotten better, maybe to 95% or so, but then I get sick again every couple weeks. Not the same illness each time, sometimes a head cold, sometimes a cough, sometimes a slight fever, but now I've finally amassed enough symptoms to warrant another visit to my doctor. I have a cough, I've lost my voice (which some say has to do with how much I yell at the kids), one of my ears hurts and has been blocked for a week, and one of my eyes is totally crusted over. It took me five minutes in the shower this morning for my eye to open up! It appears my immune system is compromised this winter and my body refuses to be completely healthy. I've become that sickly kid at school that nobody wants go near. And this from the girl who regularly goes to the gym (at least before December), has been at a her lowest weight in 16 years, eats fairly well, has low cholesterol, low blood sugar, low blood pressure, and really high bone density. And don't forget about the germ phobia, I'm constantly using hand sanitizer after blowing my nose or being near anyone that even clears their throat. With all those things going for me, I still can't win.

Of course the kids have been no help. Last night after losing my voice, Dova insisted that I still read her stories before bedtime. I told her that Dad could, but that was not acceptable and a tantrum ensued. This occurred after another half-hour long tantrum where she wouldn't wear her pajama pants when it was 63°F in her room. At least she was finally asleep just in time for us to watch our team lose in the last quarter of the Superbowl (yes, I'm originally from NY, but I've shed those teams for the Red Sox and Patriots). This morning she refused to put on her snowsuit before going to school and finally I left for work to get some peace. Thankfully, she was more helpful with Dad and he is around to deal with these things!

Since I really ought to go to bed at a decent hour while I'm sick, my blogging has gone by the wayside. Of course this is aggravated by the fact that our kids have atrocious bedtimes around 10pm. No new pictures for Wordless Wednesday and not even a clever post for Photo Hunters, let alone precious tidbits about the kids. But I do have time to catch up with my blog friends and got this Mwah! from the famous Julie Pippert at Using My Words. I will really try hard to to pipe in on the Hump Day Hmm this week!
Feel free to take it and pass it along if you comment! (yes I'm too sick and lazy to actually tag people).


Bigqueue said...

Gee, I'm sorry to hear about you being under the weather....and for such an extended period too!

Well, the warm weather yesterday convinced me that Spring is on it's way! They days are getting longer, and the snow is slowly melting too. (can you believe I have NOT gone sledding even ONCE this year!!!!)

Oh well.....I've missed your Blogging posts...but your health and family come first for sure.

Take care of yourself.


Anonymous said...

Still have gov't promos recommending sick people wear face masks in public.

Still have a few left over from that era when I had to mail face masks from Boston to here, since they were completely sold out here.

Melissa said...

Just when I thought I had seen all of the odd USB accessories...that's a good one.

Hope you feel better soon. It's no fun being sick. :(

Julie Pippert said...

Enjoy the MWAH and feel better soon. I say it took me three months to feel okay post-pneumonia and a month or two more to feel fully back to old self again.

I may have been hampered by the newborn, though.

Let's hope your recovery is smooth and swift.