Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #32 - Searches that landed here

Here are some web searches that landed somewhere in my blog (I tried to keep them somewhat clean)...
  1. Really tough technical phone interview questions - As predicted, my Google Interview is always at the top of the hit list. I only did it to get traffic after all wink. If I had the wherewithal to Google it myself before I went into the interview, maybe I would've done better!
  2. Letting go of a married man with dignity - Oh my, this is not the right place for that. If the guy is having an affair, he needs no dignity! If it's your own husband (doubtful from the wording), well you would need some help then. This search pointed to my Letting Go of Anger post about my dad.
  3. What they don't tell you about liposuction - This is a classic example of hitting all the words except for the key one, which would be Things They Don't Tell You About Breastfeeding.
  4. Sodium Content of Thin n Trim Swiss Cheese - Believe it or not, my Market Basket vs. Hannaford post has consistently been in the top 5 entry pages. It doesn't make my popular post list because it is so local. By the way, I have been going to Market Basket consistently for 1.5 years and it has definitely brought my food bill down. But I can't help you with the sodium content.
  5. Is the constitution responsible for guns at school? - Yowser, my blog is definitely not the place to find the answer to that question! But if you're looking for a boy that doesn't listen to his parents and draws guns at school, you might find this post amusing.
  6. Walmart flip-flops - lots of people seem to be searching for this and reading about these nasty ones.
  7. Phishi - even with the mispelling, people still find my stolen credit card stories. But phishi really sounds like a cross between fish and sushi.
  8. Stellated dodecahedron origami - I really know how to blast out those polyhedra names, eh? rolleyes
  9. Curvy mom - I think the searcher was looking for something other than my huge pregnant belly picture!
  10. Useless registry keys in XP - Yes, there are many useless keys, but I posted useful ones about Flickr.
  11. Why are barbie dolls so skinny - Good question, which I ponder while my daughter adores her skinny doll.
  12. Barnes nobles multiple gift cards - Don't even remind me of my Christmastime debacle with! evil
  13. Youtube japanese breastfeeding cats - Umm, that's a bit too perverted for me eek. But it pointed to the home page from picking up my tags.


Anonymous said...

Great list, the liposuction one is the best... or maybe the letting go of a married man... too funny!

Mia said...

Lol Great the barbie question.

Happy TT!!

SandyCarlson said...

This is wild. It's fun to trace the visit back and see what the other results were. Then the "why me?" really sets in!

The breast-feeding snafu cracked me up!

Melanie said...

Wild! LOL!

Sandee said...

I like #3 the best. Bwahahahaha. Makes you wonder. Excellent list and have a great TT. :)

Natalie said...'s always funny to me also how people find me. Sometimes I just have to shake my head.

Anonymous said...

Those are funny!

Anonymous said...

Very amusing list!

Alastriona, The Cats and Dogs said...

Thanks for telling me about your experience with I have some gift cards and was thinking of using them online, since we do not have a BN nearby and my MIL insists on giving us BN gift cards every year. I wish she would just give the kids cash instead. I usually wind up forking over more in cash then the gift cards are worth just to get us to the nearest BN.

Harris Channing said...

Great list. I wonder, how did Wal-Mart not get sued by those nasty flip flops?

Good TT! And I don't want to be Phishi!

Deb said...

That's a great list - I love reading strange search terms! :)

tasha said...

Breastfeeding cats, rofl!! I'm sure the Curvy Mom searcher found lots of pregnant bellies! Fun list!!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

You get better searches than I do, that's all I gotta say. I'm jealous, if that's even the right word.

Happy TT!