Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Tuesday Toot - Adam and math

Adam math

So far in first grade, Adam has brought home a lot of single digit addition and subtraction with word problems and such, so I was surprised to see this sheet come home last week. Apparently, they started working on simple double digit addition with no carry-on (first 3 problems on the left). Of course, Adam finished this quickly so the teacher added six more problems (last 3 on the left and first 3 on the right, I can tell from the handwriting). He finished those, so she finally added double digits with carry-on. Although he didn't get them all right, he did get a few right, so obviously he understood what he was doing. I asked him whether she taught him how to carry-on and he said no. I asked how he did the problems and he said that he just figured them out. He said it was so cool that one answer was one thousand thirty-five. So he is well on his way to being a math whiz and being a total geek on the math team, just like his mom. I'm so proud of you Adam!