Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #37 - Dova's Sayings

Dova over the railing
Our four-year-old daughter Dova always amazes us with the things she says. Her sayings are often funny and sometimes quite profound. She is always cracking her teachers up at school. Here's a sampling:
  1. Stop it! You're making my brain all crackly.

  2. Don't make me rip your heads off! (Speaking to one person)

  3. How come you can't control nature, you can only love it?

  4. There will be no more breaking hearts because the heart is living to
    me and because there is friendship all over the world.

  5. Dova: Would you be freaked out by eyeballs and blood in a bag? twisted
    Mom: Yes!
    Dad: Dova, where do you get these ideas from?
    Dova: From my heart.
    Adam: Cool.

  6. Dova: How do you spell 'curse'?
    Mom: Why do you want to spell that? That's not a nice word.
    Dova: Well, how do you spell it?
    Mom: c-u-r-s-e

  7. Dova: How do you spell 'evil' curse?
    Mom: e-v-i-l. Where are you learning these phrases?
    Dova: From Scooby-Doo.
    Mom: (note to self, no more borrowing Scooby-Doo from the library!)

  8. If Spongebob jumped out of the TV everyone will want him.

  9. You'll just need to give him some water and he'll be just fine.

  10. Would you like some fried onion hot chili pepper soup?

  11. With jelly bean pickle sauce?

  12. Dova: I need a boyfriend.
    Mom: Why do you need a boyfriend?
    Dova: Because I like boys.

  13. Mom: Do you like boys at your school?
    Dova: No.
    Mom: Then which boys do you like?
    Dova: I like big boys like Adam (her older brother) because they make me laugh so hard.
    Mom: (too sweet!)


pussreboots said...

Awww... but the old Scooby Doos are so good. Happy TT.

docemdy said...

re #3 - very smart for a 4-year old.

Michelle B said...

The things kids say! I really miss that show Bill Cosby hosted about all the crazy things kids come up with!

Happy TT.

K. said...

Oh my gosh, she is truly darling. "From my heart." That's just beautiful.

Julie Pippert said...

Those are classic. I love it. I love when kids come up with things like Dova did in #1.

Anonymous said...

#2 is quite the threat! i shall use that one myself.

Anonymous said...

These are priceless! What a smart (and sensitive) little girl you have.
My favorite conversation at my house?

Grammy: "What are you doing in the pantry?"
Maya (age 3): "taking the paper peels off the onion"
Grammy: "Stop it. The onions will spoil."
Maya: "Don't tell me it, Grammy. Your voice knocks me down every time"
and just for dramatic effect, she is laying flat on her back on the pantry floor...

Melissa said...

I liked #1 too. I'll have to remember that one.

Anonymous said...

Hi! i just Stumbled on your blog, and I am glad I did. That list was hilarious! I am still laughing!