Monday, May 12, 2008

Mommyfest Blog Party!

Hi everyone, I'm Angela, and welcome to mommy bytes! No, I don't bite (usually), but I do push bytes around for a living as a software engineer. I'm a mom of two crazy, I mean wonderful kids, Adam 7, and Dova 4. They keep my husband Doug and me very busy and provide much blog fodder.

Here's a short video of our daughter Dova, which was taken by her brother unbeknownst to us. You can see in the seconds of calm near the end, that she is a sweet, quiet girl. It is her brother who makes her act crazy.

And to prove that our son Adam is indeed completely crazy, here he is videoing himself while we were in the other room.

Yes, he has his own camera which has managed to withstand lots of abuse. My favorite hobby these days is photography, and you can see lots pictures here on the blog as well as over 10,000 pictures on Flickr. Don't forget to vote for your favorite High 5 photo. My entry is here.

Check out the prize that I am donating for Mommyfest, a $20 Amazon gift certificate for the 5 Things About This Mom Meme. And please sign Mr. Linky so I can visit you as well. Check out the other moms at Mommyfest on their link page too!


MiLeT said...

i love the sponge bob banner. your post In defense of baby einstein caught may attention.

I agree with your thoughts. my daughter always watch little einstein, twice a day through disney channel. at 21 months she can sing all the themesong of the playhouse disney programs.

if you have time, please visit me @


Suzie said...

Nice to meet you. I have a by and a girl too.

Anonymous said...

That is hillarious, lol. I hope you have a blast at Mommy Fest! Come check out our scavenger hunt today!


Joy said...

Hey girl! You've got some cute kids!!! I couldn't view the videos though?


Anonymous said...

I love your kids' gifts to you for Mother's Day. They are sooo cute! Hilarious that your son is trying to get your daughter to be crazy, too!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Nice to meet you. Came here via MommyFest.

Little Ladybug Designs said...

Hi, It's so nice to meet you. I hope you come visit my blog and don't forget to enter my contest. :-) Happy Blog Partying!

Patty @littlebytesnews said...

I have a site named Little Bytes offers a little bit of everything from parenting, child development, shopping resources and more...I'm also a computer geek, but not a software engineer.
Nice to meet you. I am a new Mommyfest blog party guest :) I hope to see you by my blog sometime as well. I'm also a SAHM and have two young sons. Hope to talk sometime. I am offering free advertising from my blog or a cash prize for anyone who links to or subscribes during MommyFest.

Take care,
Patty, host :)

Gina said...

Your kiddos are cute :D

Hope your enjoying MommyFest!

Anonymous said...

It's late so I am not going to view your video tonight, but I am very intrigued. I will definitely be back tomorrow to see what makes your adorable children so "crazy". Nice to meet you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Angela,
Nice to meet you! I'm stopping in from Mommy Fest. Looks like your kiddos had a blast making those videos. How fun.

Anonymous said...

Hello :) (wave)

Stopping by. What a great blog!
Will be back .

Nice to meet you.

Anonymous said...

Hey Angela,

We met on Tuesday Toot last week (I think). It's great to be back checking out more of your blog. Your kids are so cute :). Come over and visit when you get a chance, okay?

Anonymous said...

You have a beautiful family. Just stopping by from Mommyfest. Hope to see you around!