Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Save the WGBH Morning Stories Podcast

Sadly, in the last WBGH Morning Stories podcast, Tony Kahn announced that WGBH will no longer produce this podcast after August 2008.  This is definitely one of my all time favorite podcasts and I've mentioned it here no less than 7 times, first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh, whew!  Morning Stories have meant so much to me as well as hundreds of thousands of other listeners (I'm guessing) around the globe.

I have been a long time supporter of WGBH (sustaining member at that)  as long as I've lived in the greater Boston area and they have been great.  I just wish I were high enough on the donor pole for my voice to make a difference.  But I do have this blog and I ask anyone who wants to save the Morning Stories podcast to write a comment here.  I'll print out this post with all the comments and mail it to them. 

And here is a link to support the podcast.  Perhaps if they can raise enough money to produce the show, WGBH will kindly keep their studio time.

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Bigqueue said...

Angela (for Tony at Morning Stories),

I too am saddened to hear about impending the loss of the Morning Stories Podcast because I too loved to listen to it.

It was solidly in my top 5 Podcasts I listened to, and it was not only pleasant to listen to, but usually had a message or perhaps lesson that stuck with me and helped.

Tony is such a war fellow, with such a pleasant voice. I do hope he and the people at WGBH will find a way to keep it in production.

BTW: I became a member of WGBH because of Podcasts like Morning stories....and sadly, I did let my membership I think this might just be the "wake-up CALL" I needed to do the right thing and re-up again!


Anonymous said...

Yes, it is indeed sad to hear that we won't have the opportunity to listen to Tony Khan's warm and distinct voice.

A void will be left in not hearing stories which are thought provoking, funny, interesting, and sometimes very moving.
And let us not forget the stories which we can relate to because of personal experience, or the story which gave us a new perspective and we learned something new.

Who would have thought back in the mid ninety's that the phenomenon of Podcasting would even be an entertainment option?
How wonderful!!