Thursday, June 19, 2008

Bigger, Better, Faster!

No, this isn't the latest in penis enhancement, but just some updates on geeky tips I've given in the past.

Format painter

Bigger - Remember my tip about double-clicking the format painter? It was a pretty hidden feature that I only learned about recently from a colleague. Now in Office 2007, the tip comes up in full glory when you hover over the blasted ribbon. But there's more news on that front. We were talking about double-clicking the format painter button at work and my friend Jim said that he was the one who invented it! He was working at Microsoft (yes THE Microsoft in Seattle) as an software quality engineer on the Powerpoint team and logged this feature request about 10 years ago. Developers argued that no one would find it, but apparently we have. And in a recent Office 2007 training session, an administrative assistant asked whether you could still double-click the format painter, so there's more than two of us that know about it. Yes, we're supposed to use styles and all, but the painter is so much easier. And now I know who invented the double-click format painter!

Better - Goodbye Slickr, hello Google Photos Screensaver! For whatever reason, Slickr was crashing my machine lately, with some enormous memory leak eating of gigs of memory. I installed the Google screensaver and haven't looked back (yes, being sucked in by evil empire number two again). The best thing about it is that before you exit the screensaver mode, you have the option to go back and review the pictures. This is especially handy if you see a picture from across the room, and say, what was that - can I go back? You can do that easily now. The collage mode isn't for me as I like to view my photos in 24" widescreen glory. Woo hoo!

Faster - Syncplicity has been fantastic for syncing between my work and home computers. I've looked at other services and they either don't work with the company firewall, or cost money. This saves me loads of time instead of using SyncToy with a flash drive. Every once in a while, my Outlook.pst file gets corrupted, but Scanpst.exe usually fixes it. And if not, I've got five backups of the file because I can't trust evil empire number one.

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