Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Happy 4th Blogiversary - Dona Nobis Pacem

Peace Globe June 4, 2008

What could be more appropriate than to celebrate my blogiversary on the day of the BlogBlast for Peace!! Isn't it finally time for peace in the world? Check out the official site for more peace globes.

And it is my fourth blogiversary! Here is a delectable I found on Flickr:

Image from kylie lambert (Le Cupcake-Australia)

In honor of my blogiversary, I did some sprucing up around the blog, with a happy, hippy flower background, a real about page, real comments, and a more comprehensible post footer (I know this only means something to me, but it did take a while to get everything just right and resurrect the broken quick-edit pencil). Finally slapped a CC license on the blog along with my photos, because I'm a liberal hippy kinda chick (but don't steal because I'm watching you!). I'm very happy to see my feedburner count finally hit the 100 mark (although a lot of it is probably me syndicating myself ad nauseum). But most of all in the last year, I'm grateful for being part of kirtsy and Alltop.

And I'll try to stick to funnier, happy-go-lucky blog posts by plugging back into the matrix and taking the blue pill:
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Seriously, it's been a trip and there's plenty more to come! Thanks for taking this ride with me.

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