Tuesday, August 05, 2008

WW - Sparklers

Adam sparklers sword

Adam sparklers circles

I totally failed to capture any decent fireworks photographs this year (mosquitoes, couldn't see the manual focus ring, etc.), but I did get these shots of Adam working the sparklers. I purchased them at Walmart in New Hampshire on a whim, "just because I could". The whole week before the Fourth of July, the traffic sign on Rt.3 from New Hampshire into Massachusetts read "Warning! Fireworks are illegal in Massachusetts". But of course not in "Live Free and Die" New Hampshire. Afterward, I learned from Prevent Blindness America, that sparklers are the second leading cause of firework injuries that require a trip to the emergency room, with most sparkler injuries seen on preschool-age children.  Um, thankfully Adam is wearing glasses, and that's the last box of sparklers that we'll buy. You can see from the trails that the sparks travel quite far.  So much for being wordless this week!

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