Friday, September 19, 2008

Photo Hunters - Road



Mass Pike


Now who started singing "Swiftly flow the days"? This first photo was taken at 5:40am (according to the EXIF data) on the way to the airport for one of my many business trips.  This past week, I actually got to the airport so early that it was still dark out.  I missed the turn for long term parking and ended up going in and out of the expensive short term lot, feigning stupidity for the parking lot attendant (I've only done this trip about 20 times and should know better). To top off the trip, I got lost on my way home tonight because my iPod wasn't working and ended up on some back roads in New Hampshire.  Where the heck am I?  How can I screw up this trip which I've done in my sleep at 3am?  Must be old age...

The second photo was taken on our way out for vacation last month.  I was so slow packing that we didn't depart until dinner time.  Luckily, I was in the passenger seat and had my point-and-shoot (a.k.a Silver Surfer) handy. 

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