Thursday, September 11, 2008

Photo Story Friday - Rain at Canobie Lake

PhotoStory Friday
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I've heard that it's extremely difficult to photograph rain, and to focus on the effect it has on people, rather than the raindrops. When we got caught in a huge thunderstorm with hail at Canobie Lake Park, it was EASY to photograph the rain.

This is my family taking shelter under the hamburger stand when the first few drops fell. Can you say despondent?

Waiting for the rain to pass

And this is what the rain looked like.
Skee Ball and Rain

Huge rain at Canobie
See, easy to photograph as hail pie!

Thankfully, it cleared up after an hour and we took all our usual rides including the alpine sky ride.

Doug and Adam always seem to be together when we take this ride. Here they were two years ago:

As an extra bonus, here's Doug at 18 riding with his own father in 1977. Hopefully, I will be taking this same shot with Doug and Adam when Adam is 18!
Doug and Irving at Canobie Lake 1977

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