Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - Over-Scheduled!

For whatever reason, I have the compulsion to fill the summer days with non-stop activities. Here are 13 activities that I packed back-to-back in August:

  1. Saturday, August 16th - Canobie Lake Park. We go to our local amusement park every year and this year, I picked a day with 30% chance of thunderstorms. Of course this meant that a most severe thunderstorm had to roll through, complete with hail (about 1/2 hour after this picture). BTW, Doug refused to wear a tie-dyed shirt along with his hippy family.
    Canobie flume 2008

  2. Sunday, August 17th - The beach at Westport, MA. I had taken Dova to the beach twice this summer, but this was the first time I took both kids. I caught up with an old friend and waded hip deep with my good camera to catch this shot. Adam accidentally threw sand on my camera and now the lens has a nice crunchy feel at the end of the zoom range. It was worth it for this shot right? I also woke up early to bake banana bread.
    Adam boogie boarding

  3. Monday, August 18th - Whale Watch. I woke up at 5:15 am to drive the kids out to Gloucester, MA for an unbelievable whale watch with their summer camp.

  4. Tuesday, August 19th - Fly out to Toronto for work. I moved my alarm up a whole 15 minutes to 5:30 am to catch this morning flight. Sorry no picture, I was busy being detained by customs and losing my wallet in a rental car.

  5. Thursday, August 21st - After three long working days, I went to Canada's Wonderland. None of my family likes rollercoasters, with the possible exception of Dova, although she can only ride kiddie ones now. So I graciously took this opportunity for "employee appreciation" to get back on a some real rollercoasters. I didn't know whether I had my sea legs after not riding one for over 10 years, but after five rollercoaster rides, I couldn't get enough. Here's the video of this ride.
    rollercoaster 2

  6. Friday, August 22nd - Fly back from Toronto. At this point, I'm getting yet another chest cold.

  7. Saturday, August 23rd - Visit with friends who live in central MA. I was so sick that I forgot my camera and crashed on their brand new futon for 2 hours.

  8. Sunday, August 24th - Travel to The Berkshires for vacation. It took nearly all day to pack everything up and we don't arrive till dark, especially with all the traffic!

  9. Monday, August 25th - The kids enjoyed the beautiful pool.

  10. Tuesday, August 26th - Alpine slide at Jiminy Peak. I finally started to feel better by this day.

  11. Wednesday, August 27th - The Norman Rockwell museum.

  12. Thursday, August 28th - Chesterwood. We had an idyllic picnic lunch.
    Picnic at Chesterwood

  13. Saturday, August 30th - Berkshire Scenic Railroad. The kids had no interest in the antique railroad cars, because at this point they "hated" museums.
    Berskshire Scenic Railway

The next day we headed back and the kids were back at school by Wednesday. Whew! But with soccer for both and lots of work travel planned, it's looking like a busy fall as well.

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