Sunday, November 02, 2008

Daphne, Barbie and Anakin

Daphne from Scooby Doo
My company had a Halloween costume contest for the second year and I wasn't planning to participate after being a cat last year, and handing out candy to everyone (I can be a good sport, but twice in a row?). But the day before, I was chatting with the HR gal who told me that the general manager, who was retiring, really wanted a good turnout for the contest on his last official day of work. He wanted to go out with a bang and wanted everyone to party along with him. So at the last minute I went out and got this costume. I couldn't find any real Scooby Snacks in the store, so I did the next best thing and printed out a picture from the internet. I was especially pleased that I could wear my funky orange suede boots with this costume. People kept asking me, "Did you really buy those boots for that outfit?" Which I replied, "No, I had the boots. I bought the outfit for the boots!" The general manager was even more of a hoot, sporting a cheerleader costume complete with a plaid miniskirt, wig, make-up and fake boobs. He was behind me in line and poked me with one of his boobs. I said, "Watch it with those boobs! You gotta change your personal space when you have them." The turn out was great, and I was glad to be part of the celebration. I guess I can be a good sport twice.

Here are the kids right before we went out for trick-or-treating on Halloween. We had a beautiful night and the kids were in great spirits for walking. Dova and I used our Sylvania Lite sticks which worked wonderfully, and Adam used his light saber of course. I even wore my costume since I hadn't taken it off. The evening was marred only by some punks who sprayed silly string all over my car. But we had a fun making the evening extra long by going to the car wash afterwards.

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