Saturday, November 01, 2008

Happy Halloween! Happy Birthday Adam! Happy NaBloPoMo!

Thanks to dorydorydory for the nifty badge.

It's an extremely busy time of year here at the bytes household, so I figured I would put up my first NaBloPoMo post early (2:08 AM to be exact!). I just finished carving our jack-o-lantern, a bit late, but certainly better than never. I intended to carve it last night, but I fell asleep in Adam's room. Then I intended to carve it on All Hallows' Eve itself after trick-or-treating, but I fell asleep in Dova's room. So finally when I shook myself awake, I carved it in the middle of the night. We have lots planned for Adam's birthday today, his last travel soccer game of the season, an hour's drive away in the morning, and then a party in the afternoon with 17(!!!) kids coming. More Halloween and birthday posts coming up this week!

Kitty Jack 'O Lantern

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