Friday, January 09, 2009

Photo Hunters - Aftermath

When I thought of the theme Aftermath, the most obvious thing that came to mind was the aftermath of opening presents on Christmas day. This year, we opted to sleep in and let the kids have at it, so there were no pictures taken at all! I tried to think of another messy occasion, and the only thing that came to mind was Adam's penchant for taking everything out of bookcases when he was a toddler.

Adam finds the Album
Here he is finding the exact album that he was looking for. Just look at that satisfied look on his face! By the way, Olivia Newton John, The Doobie Brothers and Burt Bacharach?  Doug.  Khachaturian Piano Concerto and The Beatles?  Mine.  The albums are still out of order from numerous incidents like these.  It used to be a weekly occurance.

Book shelves are for sleeping, not books!
Adam thought that his book shelf would be a cozy place to sleep. Why stuff them with books when the floor is just as good?  Thankfully, he's outgrown using albums and books as a floor covering and moved on to Legos.

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