Thursday, January 08, 2009

PSF - Tooth Fairy FAIL

Mr. Bushyhead
We are letting Adam's hair grow long for the winter. Doug can't take anymore of this bushiness, but Adam loves it. Me? I love running my fingers through his hair, but as soon as it blocks his vision, I'll give it a trim. On to the story...

A few days after Christmas, our 8-year-old Adam lost a tooth. It's been over a year since he last lost a tooth, so he was pretty excited to receive a visit from the tooth fairy. We've had a spotty record in past experiences, so I was determined to make sure that she didn't screw up this time.  He went to bed pretty late, around 10pm, and Doug and I caught up on some TV.  At 11pm, I waved a couple dollars in front of Doug and asked him to take care of it. He did the deed and came back down to watch some more TV. 

About a half hour later, we hear Adam come out of his room.  He came down the stairs and we asked what was wrong.  He said, "I can't sleep. You know, I saw Dad come into my room and take my tooth and put money under my pillow."

Doug quickly came back with, "It's just in case."

Adam replied, "Is it a myth or something?"

Doug shot me a look of alarm and mouthed, "Myth?  How does he know that word?"  We just shooed Adam back to his room and pondered our dilemma.

The next morning, Adam and Dova woke up before us and he spilled the beans to Dova.  The first thing she told me when I woke up was, "There was a FAKE tooth fairy that came to see Adam last night, and it was Daddy!"  Oh no, spoiled it for our baby who's never lost a tooth yet.

I considered leveling with Adam and telling him that he couldn't ruin it for his sister.  But Doug decided to explain to Adam that there was a lot of sickness going around and that the tooth fairy had asked him to take care of it for her because she couldn't make it that night.  Adam kept asking where the tooth was, but we wouldn't say.  He kept asking whether the tooth fairy was going to pay us back and all these logistical questions about the exchange.  Finally, he's stopped asking about it.  We agreed that next time he asks, we'd just say, "Oh yeah, she came by last week and picked up the tooth." 

Hopefully that will go over for a few more teeth. And thankfully, Santa never came up in all the myth questioning.

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