Monday, January 05, 2009

Wall-E Bargain Found at Walt Disney World

Wall-E and Eve

When we were at Walt Disney World, I brought along the DVD for Wall-E to watch while we were there. We ended up watching the movie about three times since Dova kept falling asleep. All of us absolutely loved the movie. Some people criticize it for beating its values over your head and the lack of dialogue, but I felt that it was extremely compelling with or without dialogue. I especially loved Eve, or Eva as Dova insists, because she was so sleek, powerful and snobby to begin with, but then came through with a heart of gold.

The only place we spotted any Wall-E toys at Walt Disney World was in the DisneyQuest Emporium store in Downtown Disney.  They had these Construct-A-Bot Wall-E and Eve toys that were held together by magnets.  At $14.95 a piece, I thought it was a bit frivolous to get.  I checked on the internet later and couldn't find these toys anywhere for less than $25.  The best price at Amazon was $35!

By the last day, everyone in my family had gotten some kind of souvenir to bring home except for me.  We went back to the store and purchased these robots holding hands here.  I carried them onto the airplane and brought them home.  Nowadays, the cheapest you can find them online is through the at $16.95 a piece plus shipping.  But at $14.95 a piece plus Florida tax, we got a steal.  Who would think that buying something right at Walt Disney World would be cheaper than anywhere else?  So if you love Wall-E and happen to be near Downtown Disney in Orlando, head on over to the DisneyQuest Emporium store.  They also give you the boot with the plant to put inside Eve, her gun arm, and two sets of arms for Wall-E (they are actually both installed in this photo).

And if you haven't seen the movie, get it now!

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