Thursday, March 12, 2009

Blogging Shackles

Tavern puzzles from Greenfeet. I love puzzles of all sorts, but tavern puzzles drive me batty.  Especially ones with ropes and chains.

So have you noticed a lack of substantial blog posts lately? Have you been seeing just a string of cutesy kid pics and the usual memes? A few months ago, I managed to offend not one, but three people that I know with my blogging.

First my hubby complained that he was not put in a very good light with one of my kid interviews.  Never mind that it was cute and not exactly insulting or offensive.  Plus they were equally hard on me.  Now I will be sure to leave him out of any blog posts.  Or I can censor my kids or have him approve my posts.  (Not!)

Then my mom took my BlogHer post on grandparents spoiling their grandkids completely out of context.  In fact she didn't even read my main point which was to "Let them know your expectations but don't deny them the opportunity to give."  So there will be no more cross posting from BlogHer.

Lastly, I heard from a friend that writing about how your kid scored a goal in soccer was bragging.  So I shouldn't be proud of my son on the internet?  For that reason, there will be no more Tuesday Toots for any of us.

There's part of me which says to hell with what other people think, I'll just write what I want, it's my blog.  Then again, these three people are dear to me, so I will retreat to inoffensive cutesy blogging (my knitted kittes are still being stumbled upon to my disbelief).  People don't want to see me rant or express an opinion that may not be popular.  Just wait until I write my post on vaccinations on BlogHer in June...

The repercussions of saying your mind on the internet can be astounding.  I've been following Sara of Suburban Oblivion and for nearly a year, she has kept mum about her troubles at home.  Finally, she let it all out on her blog, only to get extremely nasty repercussions from her soon-to-be ex-husband.  My life certainly has no deep dark secrets but I can't imagine going through what she currently has to deal with.

I guess cute it is.

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