Monday, April 20, 2009

I Can Have Bio Now?

Looking up

This photograph is the winner according the results of my head shot poll. This shot doesn't qualify for the I Faces self-portrait challenge this week because I used a tripod, so check out this self-portrait from the same session where I am holding the camera.

I needed a new head shot my BlogHer speaker bio. Now that I have the photograph, I'm still at a loss for what my bio should actually say. There are so many accomplished writers and mompreneurs with actual experience influencing the internetz.  Professionally, I am a software engineer with excellent credentials and experience, but this has nothing to do with mommyblogging.  I'm a bit in awe of the witty, kick-ass bios that are already published for BlogHer '09. What on earth do I say about myself?  Until I figure that out, please stop by my session "MommyBlogging: 'Balance' is a Big, Fat, Lying, McLiar LIE for Moms who Blog (and the rest of us too)" if you're going to BlogHer '09. Oh, I guess I do have experience in not sleeping!
I'm Speaking at BlogHer '09

During the head shot poll, I had this funny conversation with a friend who is a former co-worker.  I stupidly forgot to save the instant messaging conversation, so here is a reasonable facsimile:
Friend:  Can I ask what criteria you are looking for in your head shot?

Me:  Something that looks like me and is flattering?

Friend:  I'm asking at risk of offending you by thinking of a co-worker in that way.

Me:  Huh?

Friend:  Well it depends on whether you want to look professional, motherly or hot.

Me:  LOL
Friend:  In the window In the window looks most motherly. I know where those gray hairs come from.

Friend:  The blue shirt In the blue shirt looks most professional because it has more light dark contrast and would look best when scaling down.

Friend:  In looking up Looking up (above), you have an impish look in your eyes which make you look kinda hot.

Me:  OMG, I'm totally ROFL!
So hot it is, thanks for voting!  Now, to make up some words for this hot mommyblogger...

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