Monday, April 20, 2009

The Ten Plagues of Spring Portraits

On Easter this year, we actually celebrated a Passover Seder with Doug's family. Since the kids dressed up, I took the opportunity to get a sibling portrait. Last year's portrait came out beautifully, but this year, there was no such luck. First, I was plagued by weird yellow lighting caused by the sun reflecting off the wood floors. Then the kids managed to pull a whole new slew of portrait antics. Since part of Passover is hearing about the ten plagues of Egypt (blood, frogs, locusts, boils, etc.), I now bring you the ten plagues of spring portraits.

Yellow lighting
Yellow lighting. If I turn the color temperature down much more on this, everyone turns green.

Wagging tongues
Wagging tongues.

Uncontrollable laughter
Uncontrollable laughter. Two out of three people in my family look fantastic in this photo.

Falling down
Inability to sit up. Adam apparently went boneless shortly before this shot.

Surprised face
Surprised face. Adam was shocked to hear that Doug actually didn't look right in a previous (deleted) shot.

Crazy eyes
Crazy eyes.

Monster mash
Monster mash. Apparently Adam's crazy eyes possessed Dova to do the monster mash.

I lick you!
Urge to lick sisters. Must be related to the plague of wagging tongues.

Sad face
Sad face. This occurs after I threaten to take away video games for not behaving for this portrait.

Cow lick
Cow licks. OK, this is a half decent shot, but all that horsing around left Adam's hair a mess.

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