Thursday, April 02, 2009

I Love my Photo Stamps!

Last year for my birthday, I received as a surprise gift a sheet of photo stamps with pictures of my kids. My friend picked out a photograph from my 2007 Flickr collection and sent the stamps right to my house. I used them for thank you cards and any other personal letters. Every time I used one, I got a compliment about the cool stamp.

stamp 2008

By the end of last year, I had just about run out of stamps and wanted to save some as souvenirs. So I picked out a photograph from my 2008 collection and ordered a new sheet of stamps. How cool are these!

stamp 2009

For some reason, the scanner didn't do these stamps justice as they are not really that grainy. They probably have some anti-copying features. In reality they are very nicely printed (I added the red lines).

Don't forget, on May 11th, the USPS First-Class stamp will go up to 44 cents! So hurry up and get some Forever Stamps before then. I mean get some Photo Stamps! (I can never be in sales...)

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