Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Where I annotate my grocery receipt for blog fodder

market basket receipt annotated

In preparation for NaBloPoMo last year, I scanned a copy of my grocery list for blog fodder. As usual, I never have a lack of things to blog about, so November came and went without needing to use it. But now I have 33 drafts that I desperately need to crank out! So here goes my commentary on my grocery receipt. First notice that this is a "green" receipt because it is printed on both sides instead of one long strip of paper.
  1. I drive 30 minutes to a Market Basket instead of the Hannaford 3 minutes from my house. Despite all the brain-washed Hannaford supporters on my Market Basket vs. Hannaford post (perhaps they have hired people to scour the web because they have that much extra money), I firmly stand by the savings and the quality of the meat and produce at Market Basket. It is truly "More for your Dollar".
  2. I even have to drive to another state, New Hampshire, to get to Market Basket. (OK it isn't that far, we live on a border town.)
  3. One pound of frozen flounder fillet for $4.99. And even my kids eat it if I bread and pan fry them.
  4. T&T Honey Breast is not a p0rn name, but Thin 'N Trim honey roasted turkey breast. Still consistently $5.99 per pound.
  5. LOL is certainly not laugh out loud, but Land 'O Lakes white American cheese at $3.99 per pound. Can't get it at that price elsewhere.
  6. Meisterchef German Bologna at some ridiculous low price around $1.49 per pound. We've since stopped getting this and the T&T because of the nitrites.
  7. Green beans at $.79 per pound. Usually it is $.99, but it is consistently $1.99 at Hannaford. And we usually get more veggies, but I guess we had lots of leftovers from the previous week.
  8. Stonyfield Farms Chocolate Underground yogurt is still a rip-off at $.80, but it is my weakness. I've seen it as high as $.99 at Stop & Shop.
  9. Ten pack of whole wheat burritos for $1.50. That is even cheaper than Trader Joe's.
  10. Market Basket yogurt is $.50. I only buy StonyField's when it comes to Chocolate Underground.
  11. $1.99 for a gallon of skim milk with no GMO (genetically modified organisms). We go through lots of milk. This price varies between $1.99 and $3.29, but it is always cheaper than Hannaford. Besides, milk prices are not regulated in NH as they are in MA.
  12. M&M's? I never buy chocolate (ignore the Kit Kats below that as well).
  13. Bounty Select-a-size paper towels. I usually get these items at BJs with a coupon, but we were fresh out. You can't have two young kids and be out of paper towels.
  14. Nissin 100% Canadian Whole Wheat Bread for $2.50. Generally, breads are at the normal MSRP, but it was on sale this week. And I only get this brand and type.
  15. Fiber1 TSTRPSTRYCHOC? That would be toaster pastry chocolate. If I'm going to buy Poptarts for the kids, they better be whole wheat and have 5 grams of fiber. And only cost $1.67 per box ($2 nowadays) and have a BoxTop4Education stamp.
  16. V8 Fusion. Now this is expensive name brand juice, but I just wanted to prove that I don't write reviews for products I don't believe in. This stuff is amazing! Veggies + Fruit = yummy.
  17. Dark Chocolate Fudge Frosting? Do we have a chocolate problem in our household? This was purchased for Adam's birthday party.
  18. Market Basket chicken rice soup at $1.29. Can't beat that!
  19. Geisha crushed pineapple. Not sure why I tagged this one, except it is the secret ingredient to tropical carrot cake.
  20. Zero tax! We love tax-free New Hampshire for shopping.
Normally my bill isn't that high; it usually tops out at $60 max. I guess we needed chocolate and paper towels that week! I just noticed that I bought chocolate syrup as well. It's for the IV drip.

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