Friday, April 24, 2009

PSF - I Am a Hungry Fish


Normally, I post my dreams on geek sleep, but since I have the perfect photo of our goldfish Orbit for this story, I had to post it here.

Last night, I dreamed I was a fish. I could dart back and forth and glide easily through the water.  I lived in a pond and the water was mostly dark and green.  The darkness didn't matter, I just loved to swim fast from one place to another.  But I was hungry.  Where was the food?  I saw someone above the water pointing to where some food was.  So I quickly swam over and saw a bunch of tiny translucent fish.  I opened my mouth wide and swooped over them.  I didn't have to chew, I just swallowed them.  I was still hungry so I looked around for more fish, but couldn't find any.  The person who had pointed out the food, felt sorry for me, so they went to Google Maps to search for fish for me.  From the map of the United States, they zoomed in on my pond which was in New Hampshire.  They saw that there was no food left.  In neighboring ponds, there wasn't much food either, and it wasn't until you looked in the ocean, that you could find plentiful food.  You could see different size fish representing the fish population in all the water areas of the map.  In the ocean you could see the tiniest krill to huge whales.  The person wanted to move me from my pond to the ocean so that I could have more food, but I really wasn't sure if I wanted to live in the ocean.

Good thing I didn't get put in the ocean, I would've died from the salt water!  I guess I had this dream because I sometimes have to coax some of our dim-witted fish towards the food when they are hopeless darting around the wrong corner of the tank.  And the Google Maps part?  Total geek.

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