Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

dova's mother's day card inside

"My mommy is great at so many things, but what I love most of all is... 'to play on her D.S. with her!' - Dova".  I always expected that Adam would think that I'm the greatest mom because I play video games with him. But Dova? Is she turning into a geek too?

One thing that I noticed after becoming a mother is how quickly I am brought to to tears with any emotional story or music. I heard this song Happy Mother's Day by The Alice Project several years ago and it brought me to tears then and it still does every single time I listen to it. I am rarely over sentimental and I hate sappy movies, but this song speaks straight to my heart. You can listen to it by going to The Alice Project on the Podsafe Music Network and clicking on the play button. If you're a mother, please click over and listen!  Here are the lyrics:
Oh Baby you arrived today,
so tiny and perfect and squirming away.
And I hold you for the first time.
You're so amazing now what can I say
and we're tossing and turning and getting no sleep.
Rocking and rolling trying to get you to eat.
And I'm singing you love songs I'd forgotten for years.
I know its your day, but it's my day too...
Happy Mothers Day.

Come on in now it's getting dark.
Why? Cause I said so now don't be so smart.
Then you're on my back and I'm down on all fours
and we're laughing and singing and sharing the chores.
And there's heartaches and headaches and worries and pain
along with the dancing and splashing in the rain.
It's a lifetime that's a full one that I'd never trade.
If one thing is true, I simply love you
and This is Mother's Day.

Oh and even when you're all grown this love will be my own.
Through happy and sad, good times and bad.
Now it's my turn, to watch your life unfurl,
wind blowing through your golden curls.

I'm at your graduation, you're soon leaving home.
It's all that I hoped for, but I'm not ready at all.
And you smile and say "Thanks Mom" and I'm flooded with tears.
Feels like a day, not so many years
and I called up my Mother and cried on the phone.
Told her I'm sad and I feel so alone
and she listened a while said..."you now understand",
this is your day, what more can I say...
Happy Mothers Day.. I said yeah.."Happy Mother's Day"...
Happy Mother's Day everyone!

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