Friday, May 08, 2009

PH - In Memory

Core memory

It must take a total geek to bring you "core memory" for this week's "In Memory" theme.  We went to the MIT Museum last year for the Cambridge Science Festival.  Here are some more photos and videos from our visit:

Adam lights the fluorescent bulb
Adam held a fluorescent bulb near a tesla coil and it lit up.  I think he's smiling because it's like a real light saber.

Cloud by Arthur Ganson
Cloud by Arthur Ganson.

My favorite video of Arthur Ganson's work was the exploding chair (well worth the 15 seconds to watch!):

Doug liked the baby that followed the ball:

Adam liked the dueling red swords:

Dova liked the chair walking on the moon:

Hoped you enjoyed this total geek fest!

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