Friday, May 08, 2009

Some Kids Like to Work, Some Like to Jump

Adam working the bonfire

A few weeks ago, we got together with our neighbor for our yearly bonfire to clear away fallen brush. We had quite a lot of tree damage from last winter's ice storm and had lots of branches to chop up and haul to the fire. Adam quickly jumped in to help Dad out, and I planned to spend some time with Dova. Don't worry, Adam was closely supervised at all times as the fire was really hot, hot, hot.

I got to test out my new camera's HD video mode:

But I quickly realized that it was too much work for the two guys alone, so I donned my work gloves and started chopping and hauling the brush. Dova wanted to help as well, so she put on her Dora the Explorer garden gloves. I asked her to stack the chopped up branches into the wheelbarrow. She lasted all of three sticks before she gave up. I guess she is five after all.

Jumping out of the tree

Finally, she took to jumping out of a nearby tree as we all worked. Adam worked right to the very end and only stopped short of popping open a beer with the guys while watching the fire burn out. But he did take a second to climb the tree. I guess he is eight after all.

Adam and Dova in the tree

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